In 2019 Ford introduced the attractive and unique line of all-new Kuga SUVs, which feature a sleek new external design with premium proportions that provide more roominess and comfort.


The smart Kuga Titanium, sporty Kuga STLine, and luxurious Kuga Vignale, Ford’s most electrified car ever, can provide an advanced spectrum of hybrid powertrains for unmatched Ford SUV fuel economy.


Kuga Plug-In Hybrid, Kuga EcoBlue Hybrid (mild-hybrid), and Kuga Hybrid (full-hybrid) models are available, as are Ford’s 2.0-litre EcoBlue diesel, 1.5-litre EcoBlue diesel, and 1.5-litre EcoBoost petrol engines, as well as a sophisticated new eight-speed automatic gearbox.


After the Fiesta and Focus, the Kuga is Ford’s best-selling SUV in Europe and the third best-selling Ford car in the continent. Customers ordered 153,800 Kugas in 2018, leading to a more than 19% rise in Ford SUV sales.


The 2019 Kuga provides even more intuitive comfort and driver assistance technologies, allowing consumers to stay more connected while on the road. A FordPass Connect integrated modem, wireless charging pad technology, and Ford’s SYNC 3 infotainment system with an 8-inch central touchscreen are among the advanced innovations. A premium B&O Sound System delivers high-quality music, and a new industry-first, free-form, 12.3-inch LCD instrument cluster with “true color” is more informative, intuitive, and simpler to read.


A Stop & Go, Speed Sign Recognition, and Lane-Centring technology provide drivers more confidence than ever before in navigating stop-start and interstate traffic, while predictive curve light and sign-based light help drivers see more clearly in the dark. Drivers can maintain their eyes on the road ahead thanks to head-up display technology, while Active Park Assist 2 allows for completely automatic parking maneuvers at the touch of a button.


The 2019 Kuga is Ford’s third generation mid-size SUV for European consumers since the marque was introduced in 2008. Since 2008, Ford has sold over one million Kugas in Europe.

Created by the customers

The 2019 Kuga is the first SUV to be built on Ford’s new worldwide C2 design, which improves aerodynamics for greater fuel economy and decreases weight by up to 90 kg when compared to previous models with equal engine choices. Furthermore, the new architecture is intended to improve crash performance, provide 10% more torsional rigidity for greater driving dynamics and refinement, and increase interior space for Ford’s mid-size vehicles while allowing for expressive and dynamic design.


The model has a sculpted and streamlined external appearance with premium proportions. A more streamlined design includes a longer wheelbase, which results in a wider footprint on the road, improving ride and stability; a longer bonnet; a more reclined rear windshield angle; and a lower roofline. As a consequence, you look more energized, agile, and competent than ever before.


Differentiating implementations for Kuga Vignale, ST-Line, and Titanium variants, each with a distinct personality to match consumers’ personalities, are part of a personalized range of options. Kuga Titanium’s modern and assertive style is indicative of the high specification and quality that can be available to consumers across Europe. A dynamic front skid plate and rear diffuser, body-colored mirrors, side cladding, and door handles, LED daytime running lights, and 17-inch or 19-inch alloy wheels are among the highlights.


Through custom Vignale ornamentation like as slick aluminum treatments for the roof rails, bumpers, and rocker inserts, as well as distinctive, exquisite front and rear bumper designs, the upmarket Kuga Vignale emphasizes exceptional specification and painstaking workmanship. The exterior also has the trademark Vignale chrome-finished front mesh grille and twin tailpipes, as well as standard 18-inch alloy wheels and available 19-inch or 20-inch alloy wheels. Windsor leather seats with a special Vignale hexagon pattern, a heated steering wheel wrapped in leather, and luxury velour floor mats round out the cabin.


Body-colored bumpers and side skirts complement the black grille, front skid plate, rear diffusor, and roof rails. The athletic character is enhanced by a wide rear spoiler, standard 18inch or optional 19inch alloy wheels, and twin sports exhausts. Exclusive ST-Line seat designs with contrasting red stitching, alloy pedals, a flat-bottomed steering wheel, and ST-Line floor mats and scuff plates express the performance personality within a black headliner.


The 2019 Kuga is available in 12 different colors, including new metallic Diffused Silver and Sedona Orange. Blue Panther, a new finish available only on Vignale vehicles, joins premium paint choices Lucid Red triple coat and Star White pearl.

Incredible powertrain variety

The 2019 Kuga was the first Ford car to be available with plug-in hybrid, mild-hybrid, and full-hybrid engine technologies, following Ford’s statement earlier this year that every Ford brand from the all-new Focus forward would feature an electric option.


The 190 PS 2.0-litre EcoBlue engine in the all-new Kuga is paired with Ford Intelligent All-Wheel Drive, which optimizes low-end torque, noise, vibration, and harshness, while also offering smooth and linear acceleration performance for a more pleasant driving experience.


Kuga also introduces selectable Drive Mode technology, which allows drivers to change throttle response, steering weight, and traction control, as well as shifting timings for automatic versions, to match reactions and performance to driving circumstances for the first time.


Slippery mode, in addition to Normal, Sport, and Eco settings, gives drivers additional confidence on slippery terrain like snow and ice. Deep Snow/Sand mode assists in keeping the vehicle moving on soft, deformable conditions.


With two unique towing options and a towing capability of up to 2,250 kg depending on engine configuration, the 2019 Kuga makes towing everything from tiny trailers to huge caravans simpler than ever. A handy button in the boot compartment controls an electrically driven retractable tow bar. Push the button once to release the ball neck from its stowage location underneath the vehicle. With another press of the button, it vanishes under the automobile. There is also a removable tow bar that can be simply secured into position. The ball neck is kept in the boot when not in use.

Comfort, space, and adaptability

The more refined Kuga occupant experience, which provides class-leading second row roominess, is defined by comfort, spaciousness, and adaptability. The new Kuga is 44 mm wider and 89 mm longer than the previous model, with a 20 mm larger wheelbase. Inside, the front seats have 43 mm more shoulder space and 57 mm more hip room than the previous generation, while rear passengers get 20 mm more shoulder room and 36 mm more hip room. Despite having a 20-mm shorter overall height than the previous model, the 2019 Kuga features 13 mm greater front seat headroom and 35 mm more back seat headroom.


For the first time, heated outer seats are offered for rear seat passengers, and the whole second row of seats can be shifted backwards for best-in-class rear legroom of 1,035 mm, or forwards to expand cargo capacity by 67 litres. The second row may be folded flat with ease thanks to a remote release feature.


A reversible baggage compartment mat with high quality velour on one side for a luxury appearance and feel, and a sturdy and tough rubber surface on the other side to prevent wet or muddy sports equipment from soiling the inside is also included in the boot.


The 2019 Kuga interior is spacious, practical, and well-connected, with innovative engineering and modern comfort and convenience features that enable the car smoothly fit into consumers’ lifestyles.


For the first time, FordPass Connect integrated modem technology is available in the Kuga, transforming the car into a mobile WiFi hotspot with connection for up to ten devices. FordPass Connect provides a variety of simple services through the FordPass mobile app, in addition to helping drivers plan quicker, less stressful trips with Live Traffic updates for the navigation system and letting passengers to stream entertainment on the go.


  • Vehicle Locator, which assists owners in locating their vehicle in vast shopping mall parking lots.
  • Vehicle Status, which allows you to check fuel levels, alarm status, oil life, and other information.
  • Unlock the door to give remote access to your Kuga.
  • Remote Start is available on Kuga vehicles equipped with an eight-speed automatic transmission**.
  • eCall capability, which summons emergency services immediately in the case of a major accident and allows passengers to be directly linked to emergency services by pressing an SOS button in the overhead console.


The wireless charging station behind the instrument panel allows passengers to conveniently charge compatible smartphones, allowing them to remain connected while on the road and say goodbye to a tangle of connections in the center console. The pad recognizes compatible devices and begins charging them automatically.


Devices may stay linked to Ford’s SYNC 3 communications and entertainment system through Bluetooth while charging wirelessly, which is complemented by an 8-inch central touchscreen with pinch and swipe movements. SYNC 3 enables drivers to use simple voice commands to operate music, navigation, and temperature settings, as well as linked cellphones. Apple CarPlay and Android AutoTM compatibility are offered at no additional cost.


The new 12.3-inch LCD instrument cluster is the industry’s first to integrate free-form technology, which enables curving top borders for seamless interior design. The free-form panel incorporates circuitry throughout the display, allowing designers to modify it into designs other than the typical rectangular shape.


Furthermore, the 24bit “true color” digital instrument cluster creates comprehensive, high quality, more intuitive graphics and icons that are shown in full color spectrum, making them brighter, less taxing on the eyes, and simpler to read.


The B&O Sound System can assist passengers in getting the most out of music streamed via FordPass Connect or smartphone devices. The strong 575-watt, 10-speaker system includes an externally connected subwoofer for smooth bass output, and the arrangement of the tweeters in the dashboard has been optimized to generate a broader sound stage at seating level for an immersive listening experience for all passengers. Comprehensive static and dynamic sound tuning maintains the listening experience independent of driving circumstances.


With a simple kicking action beneath the rear bumper, Ford’s hands-free tailgate technology offers access to the boot area even with arms full of groceries, children, or sports equipment. Engineers at Ford have also solved the problem of where to put the cargo shade after it’s removed: it now fits neatly under the flexible load floor and is easy to remove with a simple pull-strap release.


Active Noise Control improves interior refinement by monitoring engine noise with three microphones strategically positioned around the vehicle. To cancel out undesired engine and transmission sounds, the technology distributes opposing sound waves via the audio system. The technology, which is standard on the Kuga Plug-In Hybrid Vignale, Kuga EcoBlue Hybrid, and Kuga 2.0-litre EcoBlue Vignale models, leads to an increased degree of interior silence.

The Ford Motor Company

Technologies that inspire confidence


The 2019 Kuga takes the SUV driving experience even further with an innovative array of driver assistance technologies intended to provide drivers confidence behind the wheel and support them in staying focused while on the road.


Ford Co-Pilot360 technologies improve protection, driving, and parking, and are intended to make driving more pleasant, less demanding, and safer.


The new Lane-Keeping System with Blind Spot Assist, which makes its Ford premiere, will integrate Ford’s Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) and Lane-Keeping System to monitor the driver’s blind spot for cars coming from behind when driving on multi-lane highways. If a driver signals a lane change or the control system detects one while a vehicle approaches in the blind spot, counter-steering is used to alert the driver and discourage the lane change maneuver.


Ford’s Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection technology will also be enhanced, with the addition of new Intersection functionality, which can automatically apply the brakes to avoid or mitigate the effects of an accident if the driver is turning across the path of oncoming traffic and the system detects an impending collision.


Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Stop & Go, Speed Sign Recognition, and Lane-Centring assists the vehicle in maintaining a safe driving distance from the car in front. The device also reduces stress during lengthy road journeys by keeping the car centered in its lane and can change the vehicle speed to stay under legal limits by monitoring roadside and overhead gantries for speed signs. In addition, data from the on-board navigation system is used.


When the ACC system is turned on, Lane-Centring technology monitors road lines and may provide moderate but detectable torque to the steering system to assist drivers remain in their lane. The system, which is designed to assist drivers at speeds of up to 200 km/h (125 mph), will provide visible and auditory alerts if it detects a lack of steering wheel input from the driver.


The Kuga is the first Ford SUV in Europe to have a head-up display (HUD), which aids drivers in keeping their eyes on the road by displaying important information into their field of view. With a field of vision of 6 degrees by 2.5 degrees, the system maximizes efficacy. The system is also among the brightest on the market, with brightness adjustable in 16 steps up to 10,000 candela per metre2.


Users with polarised glasses can read the retractable polycarbonate screen thanks to special filters. The variable selection of projected information comprises speed – the sole material that is always shown – Traffic Sign Recognition; ACC; navigation; Shift Indicator; entertainment system; and emergency alerts, depending on vehicle specifications.


BLIS with Cross Traffic Alert notifies drivers reversing out of a parking place of cars that may soon cross in front of them and may apply the brakes to prevent or lessen the impact of crashes if drivers do not react to warnings.


Stop & Go allows the ACC system to bring the car to a full stop in stop-start traffic by applying up to 50% of total braking force and then automatically pull away if the halting period is shorter than 3 seconds. When stopped for more than 3 seconds, the driver may use a steering wheel button or carefully draw away from the accelerator.


Active Park Assist 2 makes parking even simpler by providing completely automatic maneuvers into and out of parallel and perpendicular parking spots at the touch of a button. The system finds acceptable parking places and the driver may control vehicle motion by just picking neutral and holding down a single central console-mounted button, thanks to Ford’s new eight-speed automatic gearbox’s shift-by-wire capabilities.


The vehicle then completely handles forward and backward gear selection, throttle and braking, as well as steering, navigating into spaces 92 cm longer than the car and on grades of up to 12% at speeds of up to 4 km/h (2.5 mph) before entering park. Using completely automatic Park-out Assist, the system may also aid drivers depart parallel parking spots.


Other technology developed to assist Kuga drivers in avoiding accidents and distractions include:


  • Evasive Steering Assist, meant to function at city and highway speeds, employs radar and a camera to identify slower-moving and stopped cars ahead and delivers steering assistance to let drivers to avoid a collision if one is imminent.
  • Lane-Keeping Aid actively assists the driver in returning the car to the correct lane by “nudging” the steering wheel in the proper direction.
  • Front and rear wide-view cameras provide a 180-degree picture of the vehicle’s front and rear for increased vision while reversing or pulling out of parking spots or driveways.
  • Wrong Way Alert employs a windscreen-mounted camera and navigation system data to offer drivers with aural and visual warnings while driving past two “No Entry” signs on a highway ramp.


Ford’s Adaptive Front Lighting System, which includes predictive curve light and sign-based light, automatically modifies headlamp patterns for best visibility before approaching a curve, junction, or roundabout.


Rather of depending only on the driver’s steering wheel inputs, the system employs the forward-facing camera to monitor lane markings up to 65 metres ahead, allowing light from the headlights to be slanted towards the corner for greater visibility on approach. The proprietary Ford integration of road sign-reading capabilities to optimize beam patterns allows the beam to be expanded at crossroads and roundabouts to better expose dangers that are not in the direction of travel.


With headlights that employ a novel adjustable drum arrangement for more flexibility and gentler, less distracting transitions, users can see more of the road ahead at night.


If an accident occurs, new Post-Collision Braking technology helps to reduce the impact of a potential secondary collision by automatically applying moderate brake pressure when an initial collision event is detected; slowing the vehicle can potentially reduce injury to occupants and further vehicle damage.



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