Top Gun Iconic Jacket That Changed Men’s Fashion Style

Top Gun was a movie of epic proportions, and many men want to imitate the style that Maverick wore. The jacket was iconic, but today’s versions might not survive the rigors of flight school. The next best thing is to find a similar leather and nylon jacket that is both durable and comfortable.

The Top Gun jacket was an iconic piece of outerwear that marked a high point in the history of men’s fashion. The iconic leather jacket’s popularity transcended generations and came in many forms, from rugged bomber jackets to vintage suede leather pieces. Let’s look at how the design came to be and the style options available today.


How Top Gun Changed Fashion

Maverick’s jacket was the perfect mix of form and function. He was cool, but he was also capable of getting the job done and protecting his friends. The jacket inspired a generation of men to own the same style and look.

The Top Gun jacket debuted in 1986. The jacket was designed as a fashionable and functional piece of outerwear. From a stylistic standpoint, the jacket had a wide-shoulder design that made it appear similar to a military bomber jacket. The jacket featured individual leather patches that represented the planes flown by Maverick in the film. The patches were removable and could be swapped out with other patches. The Top Gun jacket was by far the most popular leather jacket of the 1980s, and it remained so until the 1990s.


Top Gun Maverick: Years Later

The Top Gun movie was released in 1986. This jacket is a style statement but the design was loosely on an old military uniform and props. And a team of tailors worked to create the right coat.

The Top Gun jacket was in 2019 with a minor refresh. The Top Gun style jacket was still made with genuine leather, but it came without the removable leather patches of the 1980s version. The updated pattern features a single leather patch that read “Top Gun”. The Top Gun jacket was offered in a variety of colors including black, brown, walnut, and olive green.

How to Style a Top Gun jacket if You’re Not Tom Cruise

If you’re hoping to model your style after Top Gun Maverick, there are a few things you should know. The maverick-style jacket is only in the movie, so you can’t exactly buy it. The next best option is to find a leather or nylon jacket that has a similar style.

The Top Gun jacket was styled by Tom Cruise in the film. Even men not named Tom Cruise should still strive to emulate his iconic look. Here are some style tips for the Top Gun jacket if your inner Maverick isn’t quite ready to invest in the pricey jacket.

Style Options to Consider

Wondering how to style a Top Gun jacket? You can wear it with just about anything.  a leather Top Gun jacket with jeans, a T-shirt, and boots. You can also wear it with cargo pants and a T-shirt or button-down shirt.

The Top Gun jacket you can wear in a variety of settings including on casual days, at work, or for a night out. The Top Gun jacket is best with slim-fitting jeans, fitted joggers, or cargo pants. Some style options include:

  1. The Rugged Look. For a casual look, pair the Top Gun jacket with chinos or cargo pants and a crisp white t-shirt.
  2. The Classic Look. The Top Gun jacket is an iconic piece of outerwear, and wearing it on a regular basis is an easy way to project an air of sophistication. Wear the Top Gun jacket with a pair of jeans and a crisp button-down shirt.
  3. The Business Look. The Top Gun jacket is not only a stylish piece of outerwear, but it’s a highly functional choice as well. Pair the jacket with a pair of jeans for a rugged look or wear a pair of fitted pants for a professional look.

Classic Top Gun Jacket

One of the most iconic parts of the Top Gun jacket is its patches. The original jacket had several patches, including the Air Combat Command patch, the U.S. Marine Corps patch, and the Navy Special Warfare patch.

The Top Gun jacket is one of the most popular leather jackets and for good reason. The Top Gun jacket has a classic look that you can wear with a variety of styles, including dressy and casual looks. Here’s a look at the classic Top Gun jacket from the 1980s.

Top Gun Jacket Without Patches

Some Top Gun jackets don’t have patches. Instead, they are with leather panels and straps. These jackets might lack the appeal of the original, but they can work as well.

The Top Gun jacket you can wear with a variety of different patches. The patches you can even swap out with other patches. However, the Top Gun jacket can you can wear without any patches at all.

How to Care for Leather

Leather jackets are durable but need proper care to stay in good condition. Since leather is a natural material, it’s susceptible to water and sun. You should also avoid applying heavy cosmetic products to the leather.


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