the guide to the property tax system for Dubai apartment

The property tax system in the Emirate of Dubai is a blend of market forces and government regulations. There are no capital gains taxes, instead, the property tax is paid on real estate transactions. The property tax rate in Dubai is waived for first-time homebuyers or new owners of properties worth more than US$1 million. It’s levied on the purchase price of properties worth more than $1 million, a threshold that changes with each property purchased.

For properties worth less than $1 million, the taxes are calculated based on the current market value of the property; therefore, if you buy an apartment worth less than $1 million, your taxes will not be charged. That being said, there are some hidden costs associated with buying an expensive apartment in general and this article will discuss some common ones to help you avoid them when buying land for your home. Check out our detailed guide to the property tax system for Dubai apartments here

The property tax in Dubai

The Ministry of Investment and Landuse controls property tax in the United Arab Emirates. The tax rate in the country is set at 20 percent of the purchase price, or U.A.E. $1,790. If the property is worth more than $1 million. It is charged at a rate of 40 percent. The amount of the tax will depend on the type of property and how much is paid for it. Therefore buying an expensive house in the city center will result in a high tax rate. The tax is charged on the sale of properties worth more than $1 million and is set at 20 percent of the total cost. The tax rate for less expensive properties is 15 percent.

How much taxes will be charged on your next apartment purchase?

The amount of taxes that will be due on your first apartment purchase in the United Arab Emirates will depend on the type of property you are purchasing and the total amount you are paying for it. There are no state-run or commercial property taxes in the UAE, instead, each state separately taxes its residents on real estate transactions. The tax rate for single-family homes ranges from 19 percent to 40 percent. While for commercial properties the rate is generally higher still at 36 percent.

When is the tax due?

The property tax in the UAE is charged on the date of the first sale after the purchase of the property. It is set at a specific date called the “deadline”. Which is the date that the owner has 30 days to purchase the property with the property tax paying for itself. The deadline for the owner to buy the property with the property tax is usually the day after the birthday of the current owner; therefore. If you are the current owner and the deadline for buying the property is the day before your birthday. Your taxes will be due the next year.

How to claim an expense for the property tax

An expense for the property tax is the purchase of a home. The appropriate form to claim the expense is a purchase contract or contract of resignation. If the purchase contract states that the real estate is to be sold “for the benefit of the state”. Then the required form to file is a Certificate of Discharge, a Certificate of Discharge, or a Certificate of Sale.

The investor’s guide to buying land for your home – Part 1

The first step in buying land for your home in the United Arab Emirates is to find a developer who has agreed to build your home on their land. To find such developers, start by contacting your local land marketing firm and seeking their advice. The firm must have at least one year’s expansion to its license from the state-run Land Bank; however. If you are in the process of buying a home, you may be able to convince. The land bank to provide the certification for your new home. Once the required documents have been obtained and verified, you can start the legal process to get the required certification. Dubai’s downtown is a great place to invest. you find apartment for sale in business bay. not just apartments but you can find amazing property for sale in business bay

Is investing money worth it in Dubai?

One thing that makes investing money in the United Arab Emirates so lucrative is the availability of cheap land. The country needs vast tracts of land to build new projects and to meet the growing demand for housing. With so much land to choose from, it is no wonder that investing in the country can easily reach $100 billion. If the country were to become a net exporter. Eventually the price of oil would decline so much that. It would become viable for investors to start purchasing land for their homes in the country again.


The property tax in the United Arab Emirates is nothing but a tax collector trying to collect every cent that is charged. Although the tax is very low, it affects every-third of all real estate transactions in the country. If you are thinking of buying a home in the UAE, you need to know that the property tax is very low and will not burden you with a huge amount of tax.


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