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Drawing Images learn how to create a beautiful drawing Easy, Step-by-Step Rose Drawing for Kids with video tutorial and simple, detailed drawing directions.

Would you like to discover a simple, step-by-step rose drawing tutorial for children? Drawing Images basic, step-by-step rose drawing for kids outline will be mastered by aspiring painters with the help of this straightforward flower drawing instruction.

Here are some interesting rose-related facts for kids:

  • Roses occur in more than 100 different species from all over the world.
  • Cultivars are the various types of roses. This implies that gardeners have carefully chosen and cultivated their characteristics, such as color or scent. Wild roses typically have modest blooms, whereas cultivars often have much larger blooms.
  • According to botany, roses have prickles instead of thorns.
  • Rose petals can be eaten! They are employed in some regions to produce confectionery.
  • The edible rose hip is another fruit that grows on roses. Jellies and teas are made with it.

Simple Rose Drawing

Since ancient times, roses have been employed as symbols in mythology, tales, and communication. Do you recall the withering rose from Beauty and the Beast from Disney? The time the beast had left to make things right was indicated by the petals of the rose falls.

You can develop your drawing skills. It’s simple! A sheet of paper and a pencil, pen, marker, or crayon is all you need.

See the How to Draw a Cute Rose or Cartoon Rose Drawing lessons for extra simple and entertaining instructions.

Step By Step Rose Drawing


  • Trace the side of the rosebud to start outlining the simple, step-by-step rose for beginners. For the flower’s side, draw a long, curving line and then double it back on itself at the end. This creates the petal’s curled tip.


  • Draw a long, curved line to complete the flower and give it a teardrop shape. The second petal is created by extending the line past the first one. To create the scalloped edge of the second petal, fold it back on itself.


  • Sketch the rose blossom’s innermost petals. Draw a series of overlapping curved lines at the flower’s top.


  • Add another curved line to the rosebud’s tip. Next, create pairs of intersecting lines at the base of the flower to create the sepals or little leaves.


  • Use pairs of curving lines that intersect at locations to create two additional sepals. Then, enclose a half-circle form with a curved line. The receptacle is the term for this protrusion at the flower’s base.


  • Extend two parallel curving lines from the container to create the stem of the rose. Curved lines should extend from the stem. These will develop into the leaf’s primary veins.


  • To outline the leaves, use curved lines to frame a teardrop shape around each vein.


  • Texture the leaves by tracing thin, curving lines from the veins.


  • Add thorns to the stem to finish your simple, step-by-step rose drawing for beginners. Draw a small, bent triangle for each thorn.
  • Fill up the simple rose cartoon. Ours is crimson, the color of choice for rose gifts. However, did you know? Roses can also be white, pink, blue, purple, yellow, orange, or any combination of these hues.

Drawing a Rose with a Pencil

Need a quick, homemade birthday card idea? By using the instructions, try creating this realistic rose on paper. The most astounding part is that a basic pencil is all you need to make this masterpiece. An A4 sheet, an HB pencil or sketching pencil, a paintbrush, and a cotton cloth are required.

A Rose Flower is Simple to Draw

Without question, roses are the most beautiful flowers that have ever existed. Look at this lesson if you enjoy drawing roses and want to learn how to do it quickly. You can learn to make a rose in only 9 steps. After that, you can alter it in whatever you like! If you want to give it a try, gather all the equipment first.

Sketching a Rose

This is the ideal chance to learn to draw if you have always wanted to do it. Discover how to draw a simple but lovely rose step by step. Additionally, this project can help you create a tonne of cards you can send to folks on important occasions to show them how much you care. All you need is the desire to do it!

Drawing a vintage rose with a dip pen.

Do you still find old dip pens to be appealing? So let’s use it to create some art! Try creating this old-fashioned rose illustration; you’ll enjoy it! For this, you will need white handmade paper, Sumi ink, a straight pen with a Nikko G nib, a pencil, and an eraser.

Creating a Valentine’s Rose

Learn how to draw this rose and use it to create a beautiful Valentine’s Day card for your significant other this year. Thanks to the step-by-step tutorial, the method is significantly simpler and easier to follow! So why are you still waiting? Now is the time to let your inner artist loose!

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