The Baby In Yellow Guide to Play

The Baby in Yellow is now doing quite well in terms of its position on the ranking for mobile games. You will play the part of a baby sister in the game and it will be your responsibility to look after a youngster while the child’s parents are gone for a few days. That makes no difference when you consider that this youngster is not a typical child. This child will convert your babysitting simulation game into a terrifying game. If you let him or her loose on it. It possesses the power of the devil, and while you are there. You will experience moments that will make your heart stop racing.The gameplay is quite straightforward; all you have to do is fulfill the responsibilities of a babysitter who is tasked with achieving the in-game goals. On the other hand, there will be occasions when you see unusual phenomena occurring in this home. nd it has the potential to make your heart skip a beat.  You may use the following instructions if you are unfamiliar with the game and do not know what to do if you want to play it.

 The Baby in Yellow

Step 1: After downloading the game and starting it up, click the option that says “Press Here To Start” to begin playing.

how to play the baby in yellow

Step 2: After starting the game, a clue indicator will display whenever you go close to certain objects. Such as the baby, the door, the refrigerator, and a few other things (as seen in the image below). Just clicking it will carry out the specified task. If you look in the top left corner of the screen, you will see a message that will tell you what the current quest requirement is.

love the baby in yellow

Instead, you may carry out the task by selecting the symbol located in the bottom-left corner of the screen.

love the baby in yellow

Step 3: Straightforward responsibilities include obtaining milk, changing the baby’s diaper, and putting him or her to sleep. If you need milk, go to the chamber located at the base of the stairs. When you open the refrigerator door, you will find milk in there.

love the baby in yellow

When it’s time to change the baby’s diaper, go to the restroom that’s located next to the couch where you watch TV. Set the baby down on the table, and pick up the new diaper from right by the front door. As you are doing the work, you could see some weird events from time to time.

love the baby in yellow

The last room is going to be located upstairs, and the room at the very top of the stairs is now vacant. The last room will be the one in which you put your child to sleep. You will be able to access the chamber at the top of the stairs on the third day, and within you will find an item known as a Talisma.

love the baby in yellow

Just carry out the actions that have been outlined as needed, but be prepared for the infant you are watching to startle you.  It accompanied by eerie occurrences of horrifying natural events that you will have to contend with. If you attempt to complete all of the tasks, the game will consider “broken.”

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