Digital nomad: all about this way of life

Do you dream of becoming a digital nomad? On paper, it’s the dream job. Traveling the world with your laptop in your backpack, working from a café or sipping a cocktail at the beach, and discovering several new destinations a year seems ideal.

And it is now much more accessible. With the Covid, remote work has developed considerably. There are many more opportunities to work from anywhere, whether as an employee, freelancer, or entrepreneur.

So how do you take the plunge and become a digital nomad? And above all, what do you need to know before starting? Because this way of life also has limits, which we must be aware of. Find out everything you need to know.

What is a digital nomad?


The digital nomad or digital nomad takes advantage of technological advances and the ability to work remotely to adopt a mobile lifestyle.

Digital nomads are leveraging the benefits of remote work to generate income regardless of their geographic location.

The motivations can be various:


  • Traveling and discovering new destinations


some digital nomads regularly change destinations with the ambition of traveling worldwide, while others settle for long periods in a country. It is also possible to work part of the year from home and to regularly take advantage of short stays abroad (this is the concept of “workcation”).

Finding a better work-life balance


  • more and more people are looking for a better work-life balance, as evidenced by the rise of the 4-day week. Becoming a digital nomad offers the possibility of rethinking one’s relationship to work and reconciling work and leisure.
  • Meet new people


  • communities of digital nomads are emerging, with co-living and coworking spaces abroad. Many events are also organized to allow digital nomads to meet. It is an opportunity to expand your circle and discover people from different backgrounds.


  • Find inspiration:

 It’s not easy to work from home, especially when you tend to procrastinate. Working in different places can help you be more efficient, more inspired, and more productive.

What are the disadvantages of digital nomadism?

The life of a digital or digital nomad is not always a luxury, primarily if you are used to working comfortably from your office in a company or your home.

“At first, it’s complicated,” says Martina. “You have to be clever and manage to generate a monthly income. The best way to do this is to create passive sources of income. »

Digital nomad

“Don’t put your eggs in one basket. I have already experienced a difficult period during which I could not work for 6 months. As a freelancer, you have to have a plan B. It is essential to save money. Even though I’ve never saved my entire life, I realized today the importance of putting money aside. Jet


Lag is another important consideration, so you don’t find yourself working in the middle of the night or during odd hours — especially when there are deadlines to meet and client meetings to schedule. This is a point to consider before choosing your next destination.

Finally, the environmental impact of digital nomadism is increasingly pointed out. The activist media Bon Pote recently published an article on the subject entitled: “The digital nomad: a nightmare for the climate? “. This is why more and more digital nomads favor European destinations, thus limiting their carbon footprint. Others decide to travel to France and participate in activities such as “Work and Surf” retreats.


5 tips to become a digital nomad

It’s decided, are you going to become a digital nomad? To put the odds on your side and make the transition smoothly, here are 5 tips.

  1. Start with a short stay.

To test the nomadic way of life, start with a short stay. This will allow you to see how you feel and confront your perceptions of reality. You will also realize what you need to work serenely because do not lose sight of the main objective: to work while traveling!

  1. Establish routines

Working from a new country can upset your bearings. The life of a digital nomad can also blur the boundaries between professional and private life. To overcome these obstacles and find your rhythm, set up routines. For example, plan to start your day at a fixed time. You can also determine time slots for working and others for relaxing.

  1. Establish a budget

As mentioned, the question of the budget is fundamental. Think about how much you need to live on each month, thinking big. Also, consider the costs related to your work: coworking space, Internet connection, etc. Finally, don’t overlook the specifics of digital nomad life, such as the need to take out health insurance to be covered during your travels.

  1. Meet other digital nomads

To thrive as a digital nomad, relationships are also significant. Living abroad can be very lonely, especially if you don’t know anyone there. To break this loneliness, meet other digital nomads. You will quickly identify the places where they meet. Afterworks / networking events are also organized in some cities.

  1. Stay open

Finally, succeeding as a digital nomad requires open-mindedness. You will probably be unable to master everything and be faced with surprises and unforeseen events. Know how to welcome them and seize the opportunities that arise!


Digital nomadism is, therefore, a great opportunity that is becoming more and more accessible. Remote work continues to gain ground, and the possibility of working while being geographically free is becoming a reality.


If you love to travel, but can’t wait for your vacation to escape the routine and recharge your batteries, take inspiration from the tips presented in this article to create a unique lifestyle as a digital nomad.

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