How does the liver transplant procedure work?

Liver Transplant: The liver, the heaviest and largest internal organ of the human body, is in charge of carrying out a variety of complicated tasks, including converting food into energy, creating a sizable quantity of body protein, absorbing vitamins A, D, E, and K, and facilitating rapid fat digestion. When the liver is not functioning at its best, serious symptoms and problems include yellowing of the skin and sclera, abdominal swelling, vomiting, and confusion appear. Liver transplant surgery may be necessary to treat these symptoms and complications. The procedure known as a liver transplant involves replacing the patient’s damaged liver with a portion of a healthy liver from a donor or corpse. Because of the liver’s exceptional capacity to regenerate on its own, just a portion of the donor liver is necessary.

Who may give their liver? Who would make a good donor?

A possible donor might be somebody who:

  • Formally agrees to donate their liver
  • Is between the ages of 18 and 60
  • Is compatible in terms of blood type with the patient
  • Has no significant medical conditions, such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, or liver disease.

What various liver transplant procedures are there?

The donor must not currently have cancer or any other disease that might be transferred to the recipient’s body during or after the transplant in order to undergo a liver transplant. The three different liver transplantation techniques are as follows:

Orthotopic medication

In this surgery, the recipient’s body receives the entire liver from a deceased donor who just passed away after being diagnosed as brain dead. It goes without saying that the dead donor must have given their organs for transplantation prior to passing away.

Transplant of a split liver

Two patients who require liver transplants gain from this operation at the same time. The healthy liver is removed from the corpse of a deceased donor and divided into the left and right lobes. When the left lobe is transplanted into the body of a kid, the bigger lobe, or right lobe, is placed in the body of an adult. The transplanted liver regenerates over time, returning to its original size.

Transplant using a living donor

A portion of a healthy liver is removed from a living person’s body and then transplanted into the recipient’s body during this sort of liver transplant. Typically, the left lobe is more appropriate for youngsters, while the right lobe is more suitable for adults.

How does Liver Transplant surgery in India benefit you?

Medical travellers are increasingly favouring organ transplantation in India. India is known for having some of the top physicians and surgeons in the world, particularly when it comes to liver transplantation. The nation takes pride in having a number of hospitals and medical centres that are globally accredited that guarantee a successful liver transplant procedure in India. This is made possible by the country’s adequate infrastructure, highly skilled staff, innovative culture, highly skilled surgeons, and other clinical facilities.

The pricing issue is a significant additional element that brings thousands of patients from abroad to India each year. The entire cost of a liver transplant in India is quite low when compared to numerous wealthy nations, such as the United States and the United Kingdom. The number of patients receiving liver transplants from overseas in India is rising every year. One of the most sought-after cities in the nation with complete liver transplantation hospitals in Delhi.

How much does a liver transplant cost in India?

The fact that it is far less expensive than in western nations is a comfort for patients from other countries looking for the best liver transplant package available in the nation. The price of a liver transplant in India is still considerably less expensive than the price of a liver transplant in the US and the UK even after taking into account all other connected expenditures, including those of drugs, doctor’s fees, and hospital fees. This is a quick summary of liver transplant prices in other countries against India:

  • begins at USD 5,77,100 in the USA.
  • UK: starting at $450,000
  • Singapore: beginning at USD 99,100
  • South Africa: beginning at $36,000
  • India: beginning at USD 28,500

Why are surgical costs different amongst hospitals in India?

Although the typical cost of a liver transplant in India varies depending on the hospital and main surgeon you select, it is still quite inexpensive when compared to many first-world nations. Some significant costs are typically included in this cost:

  • For use during surgery
  • In-lab examinations
  • The doctor’s hourly rate of pay
  • Hospital costs, including the staff members’ salaries
  • Expenditures made while recovering
  • The price of supporting drugs and surgical supplies
  • Physical treatment and rehabilitation expenses
  • In other nations, the sum of all these unique charges adds up to a significantly higher cost for a liver transplant. Yet, medical tourists to India enjoy significant financial savings while receiving top-notch care from highly qualified physicians and surgeons.

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How can people find India’s Top Hospitals for Liver Transplantation?

The top liver transplant hospitals are located in major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Kolkata, so if you’re considering travelling to India for treatment, consider doing so. Also, it is simpler in these places to get the greatest liver doctors in India who can perform the surgery with the utmost precision. As the nation’s capital, New Delhi enjoys a high reputation for successful organ transplants, particularly liver transplants. It is notable that Delhi is home to some of India’s top transplant facilities, which are responsible for improving patients’ quality of life with the greatest success rates for liver transplants.


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