How to Download Twitter Videos on Your Android, iOS Mobile

Today, we’ll discuss about how to download videos from Twitter using both a computer’s browser iPhone and a mobile device. Frequently, when we come across a video on Twitter that we really like, we want to be able to download it so that we can freely share it elsewhere. As a result, we will outline a technique for downloading.

Unfortunately, we are unable to download the video using the Twitter code like we do on other pages. Therefore, in order to extract a video, we will only be able to use third-party websites or tool.

Install your own copy of the Shortcuts Apple app if you have an iPhone. It is a tool that, in addition to expediting the process required to carry out an app’s job, nonetheless enables you to integrate resources from other sources. The official Twitter app for iPhone allows you to download images, but not videos. However, there are other ways to download Twitter videos on an iPhone.  If you’ve found recently a video on Twitter that you’d like to save for later viewing, here are the best ways to download Twitter videos on the iPhone. 

Download via iPhone. 

You must also enter the tool settings and choose the “Allow untrusted direct shortcuts” checkbox.

See the detailed instructions for downloading Twitter videos to your PC below:

Open your computer’s preferred web browser.

Click this link to get the Twitter Video Downloader extension.

Pick the video you wish to download on Twitter.

The share icon after that.

Selecting “Twitter Video Downloader” under the “Share by…” menu option.

Ready! In this manner, you can download the appropriate application’s videos whenever you want.

Download via Android

We’ll utilize the Twitter Video Downloader app, which is free and very simple to use, to download videos from Twitter on Android.

See in detail:

Search for the video you want to download.

Click “share” and take a link.

Copy the link and enter it into the search bar of The Twitter Video Downloader.

To select the video’s quality, touch the download icon.

Ready! Your mobile phone will download your file.

It is important to note that Twitter Video Downloader is just one of several apps available in the Google Play Store that can accomplish the same task. As a result, you are free to choose other solutions.

Download via online twitter video downloader.

How to download videos from Twitter. Twitter Video Download is the finest Twitter videos downloading website tool for downloading videos and GIFs. It is also known as a Twitter GIF downloader because it downloads GIFs. To download videos and GIFs from Twitter, simply copy the link from Twitter and put it into this tool. It is created with advanced technology that extracts the video address or GIF address, gives different video quality resolutions, and easily downloads Twitter videos and GIFs.  Advantages of Using this Twitter video downloader  

  • This twitter video download is completely free to use and can be used multiple times to download the twitter videos and GIFs.  
  • It is developed with enhanced technology that fetches the link and displays the video based on the appropriate link.  
  • You just have to copy the video link from the social media platform twitter and paste in this tool’s input box. And you don’t have to download any software to decrease the storage of your device.  
  • Use it in any devices like mobiles, computers, tabs, or laptops that may have different operating systems such as Android, Windows, Mac, or further.  
  • It respects the privacy of the users and doesn’t store any personal data or uploaded information of the users in the database.  
  • No log in, sign up, or registration is needed to use this tweet downloader tool 

The procedures to download videos from Twitter may differ depending on the hosting and upload system, thus we will outline the major systems.

  1. Open the Twitter app or website on your smartphone or computer.
  2. When the website has loaded, look for the video or GIF post, then copy the address.
  3. After copying the URL, navigate to the Twitter video download page and paste it in the appropriate field.
  4. A new page with the video or GIF you provided in the URL will open when you select the Download Video dropdown option.
  5. All you have to do to download a video in a particular quality level is click the associated button.
  6. Starting the download of a video is simple. Simply select your preferred resolution from the drop-down menu, then click the Download Video button.

Quick download

The twitter videos and GIFs can be downloaded with high speed. The time it takes for downloading can be based on your internet speed.   Play Video before Downloading   You can play the videos or GIFs before downloading them in high-quality.  

Highly Supportive  

This twitter video downloader can be accessed in any latest devices such as PCs, Laptops, Smartphones, and Tabs with different operating systems.  

No registration needed

There is no interruption for users as we don’t ask users to register, log in or sign up to download the twitter videos. 

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