Top 3 American Universities To Pursue A Degree In Math

Many students believe in the same concept as the famous mathematician. These individuals are keen to examine and interpret facts and information for solving real-life problems and are often drawn towards pursuing a career in math. Studying math assignment help these individuals recognize complex math problems and are curious to learn how to simplify American Universities and come to a solution. 

Moreover, mathematical applications are applicable in every academic field, from engineering, business operation, finance, medicine, and physics to natural sciences. Universities across the USA offer training through educational programs. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, in the 2021-2022 academic session, nearly 950,000 international students enrolled in academic programs in the country. 

A significant section of this group went there to pursue their higher education in Math. Then what institution did they enroll in, and what courses do these universities offer? Let’s learn about the top 3 American Universities to pursue a degree in math in the USA.

5 Reasons To Study Math In The USA

A degree in Mathematics from an American university helps earn the following benefits:

  • Get in touch with excellent faculties

One of the prominent reasons students visit the USA to pursue their further education in math is because of the excellent faculty of the universities in the country houses. The faculties are also known to offer the best  assignment help as they understand that the importance of the subject is not limited to its usefulness in the world but to the candidate’s personal development. They help the learners become great creatives, critical thinkers, and unique problem solvers. They also recognize the importance of math in developing qualified engineers, financial analysts, and physicists.

Therefore, they offer a wide range of academic programs for students to choose from and enhance their specialized knowledge by providing high-quality, unique, and relevant programs that increase their skills and candidature when they look for jobs.

  • Enjoy high-valued academic programs

The other reason students across the globe prefer the US over other countries when it comes to choosing the university or the country for pursuing their math degree is the highly valued qualifications they can earn in the country. Highly developed nations like the USA have the required resources to provide an advanced education system that attracts thousands of students from abroad. While pursuing an academic degree in mathematics in the USA, students can gain the skills to provide assignment help in areas of the job that applies math and its associated skills and achieve academic and professional success. 

At the least, these universities help students to gain high analytical and creative skills. The best part about gaining these skills is that the students can apply them to areas not limited to their professional life. For example, if they want to mortgage their property to others, navigating the percentage of revenue or profit they can earn from the deed becomes easy. 

Though many of these tasks are performed with the help of computers, depending on artificial intelligence solely and not having any knowledge ends up taking the most inaccurate life decisions. 

  • Prepare to lead a successful and satisfying life

A report suggests that a mathematician earns a median salary of 108,000 USD in America. The highest earning quarter of mathematicians makes above 134,000 USD each year, while those whose salary lies in the lowest quarter can make at least 78,000 USD annually. 

Wonder why studying math and making a career there can earn an individual such a high salary. The primary reason is that the education program on math in the country imbibes such skills in the learners that employers always look for and appreciate in a candidate. For example, almost all employers value the ambitiousness of candidates who have earned a degree in mathematics. 

Apart from that, skills like being a team player, critical thinker, and problem solver are added qualities that amp up a candidate’s prospect of getting high compensation from companies. An undergraduate or postgraduate degree in math from any university in the US ensures that these students instil these skills through their academic program and get a respectable position in industries like banking, education, finance, research, and engineering and get reasonable pay in exchange for their mathematical skills.

What Is The Tenure Of Academic Mathematical Programs In the USA?

In the USA, math is taught in two formats – theoretical and applied. While theoretical math helps students pursue their research on the subject in the future, applied math programs concentrate on the practical application of the subject and its knowledge. Both types of mathematics are covered in bachelor, master and doctoral studies. Here are the details of the tenure of the programs:

  • Bachelor’s degree – 4 years, either divided into 8 semesters or 4 academic years, varying with the institution
  • Master degree – 2 years; either divided into 4 semesters or 2 academic years varying with the institution
  • PhD – 3 – 5 years, depending on the topic of study

Cost OfMathematics Degree In USA

The cost of studying Math in the USA depends on several factors, like the academic program, the academic institution, its location, the scope of scholarship, etc. On average, the tuition fee of a given math program is approximately 7,000 USD for domestic candidates. In comparison, those applying for the program from international countries must pay at least 27,000 USD. 

The cost of post graduate program is significantly higher than that of undergraduate courses. In this case, an international student must be prepared to pay approximately 20,000 USD each year. However, these rates raise as one enrols in Ivy League universities.

Job Prospects Of Mathematicians And Statisticians In the USA

Individuals wanting to become college and university teachers must acquire a doctorate. The Bureau of Labour Statistics has promising news for these professionals. They predict that the job of mathematicians and statisticians will expand by 31% between 2021- 2031. 

The bureau expects that there will be a vacancy of nearly 4100 positions each year throughout this decade. Both mathematicians and statisticians can get at least a median salary of 93,290 USD each year during this period, while teachers in a high school offering education in math can score a median salary of nearly 63,000 USD each year.

Top 3 American Universities To Pursue Math In the USA

Here are the top 3 American universities to pursue a degree in Math in the USA:

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

MIT conducts several math programs, but the most popular one is its doctoral program. Students can pursue applied and theoretical math in this institution on subjects like algebra, number analysis, geometry, astrophysics, probability, etc. 

Popular programs:

  • PhD in Pure or Applied Math
  • D.Sc. in Pure or Applied Math

Course type – Full time

Course Duration – 8 semesters

Admission – Fall of every year

  • Stanford University

At Stanford University, students must enroll in B.Sc. in Math to pursue its undergraduate program. However, to qualify for the master’s degree program, students first need to enroll in the bachelor’s degree course and transfer to the postgraduate program to qualify and get a seat for its master’s degree courses. The university also conducts doctoral research programs in Theoretical and Applied Math, but every applicant must have completed 27 units of a postgraduate degree in math courses to enroll.

Popular programs:

  • B.Sc. in Math
  • M.Sc. in Math
  • PhD in Math

Course Duration:

  • B.Sc. – 4 years
  • M.Sc. – 2 years 
  • PhD. – 3 years

Admission – Fall of every year

  • Harvard University

Harvard University conducts only postgraduate and doctoral programs. They aim to create every student a mathematician of the country. Their doctoral program offers scope for independent research and allows students to learn, teach, grow, and develop. However, students must complete their research within 5 years at the most. The university conducts its courses in 16 countries tied with 11 schools and other associated institutions.

Popular programs:

  • The graduate program in Math
  • PhD in Math

Course duration: 

  • Graduate Program – 2 years
  • PhD – 4-5 years

Admission Session: Fall 

To sum up,

The USA has some of the most prestigious American Universities that conduct academic programs in Math. A degree from one of the premium institutes in the country can be priceless as far as the value in the global academic and professional market is concerned. Students who want a create a strong footing in their career that includes math as its base must try their best to get their credentials from any American Universities that suits their requirements best. However, their future is secured if they can get their seat in any of the top three institutions.

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