10 Cutest Video Game Enemies Of All Time

Video game enemies don’t always have to be ugly or scary. In fact, these games are known for having some of the cutest enemies in the world of video games.

Most people think that enemies in most games have to be horrible-looking monsters that players can just beat to death without caring about anything else. Even though this is true most of the time, you can’t deny that not all video games have creepy or dark art. In fact, there are a lot of games for kids or games that play with expectations where the bad guys end up being cute.

This could put players in a tough spot because these enemies look so cute that they might not want to hurt them. Luckily, it only takes one good hit from one of these cute-looking enemies to bring players back to reality and remind them that they need to stay alive at all costs, even if that means beating an enemy that looks like the softest thing in the world.

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